Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

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Materialovedenie of materials for prosthetic appliances

Description of discipline


The “Protezotekhnychne materyalovedenye Discipline” is base discipline for subsequent preparation  of specialists and master's degrees on specialization “Technology of making of the poured stomatology and orthopaedic prosthetic appliances” and must give to the students sufficient knowledges for determination of ways of increase of quality and longevity of prosthetic appliances on the basis of rational selection of materials, as basic so auxiliary, creation and perfection of technological processes of treatment of wares in the conditions of modern technique of protezyrovanyya .

By the purpose of course “Protezotekhnychne materyalovedenye” is study of nature of materials, intercommunication between their composition, structure and properties, and also methods of change of structure and properties which provide high reliability and longevity of protezotekhnycheskykh wares.

As a result of study of discipline students acquire knowledge about:

- physical essence of the phenomena which pass in materials in the conditions of production and exploitation;

- conformity to the law of change of properties of materials depending on chemical composition, structure, external actions.


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