Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

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19. Руководство – это искусство заставлять других делать всю работу.

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Entry in a profession

Description of discipline


The Discipline “Entry in speciality” (ZP-1) enters to the cycle of the professionally-oriented disciplines in preparations of bachelors. She is based on knowledges of got from such scientific disciplines: chemistry (NF – 03),  sketching geometry and engineering graphic arts (NF-05), history of Ukraine (NG-08), informatics and obchyslyuvanna technique (ZP-08) of т other. Discipline is motivational  and is basis for the study of the following special disciplines: theoretical bases of formoobrazovanyya (NP-06), technology of casting form (NP-09), production of foundings from cast-iron (NP-13), production of foundings from steel (NP-14), production of foundings from the coloured metals (NP-15), theoretical bases of casting production (NP-05).


A purpose and task of credit to the module “Entry in speciality” is acquaintance of students with bases of future profession, with the basic technological processes of casting production, materials and equipment. Discipline gives the common picture of future speciality.

For the best mastering of lecture material sliding seats, placards, vydeofyl'my, are used.

Theme 1. State and prospects of development of casting production

Theme 2. Casting alloys

Theme 3. Smelting of casting alloys.

Theme 4. Production of foundings in sandy forms.

Theme 5. Special methods of casting


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