Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

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148. Авторитет власти должен в первую очередь опираться на власть авторитета.

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Production of foundings from cast-iron

Description of discipline


Foundings from cast-iron are widely used in mashynostroenyy and other industries of national economy: the increase of their quality and efficiency of production is an important pertaining to national economy task. The methods of melting, alloying and pozapechnoy treatments, substantially influence on forming of properties. In a course the “Cast-iron casting” the expounded material on the cupola, induction and arc melting, considered basic methods of receipt of high-quality and alloyed cast-irons, resulted tekhnyko-ekonomycheskye comparisons of different methods of melting.

The Discipline “Cast-iron casting” behaves to the cycle of professional and practical preparation, is read, being based on knowledges, ability and certain skills acquired by students at trained disciplines: inorganic and physical chemistry; theories of metallurgical processes; theoretical bases of casting production; theoretical bases of formoobrazovanyya; theoretical bases of melting and production of foundings.

Discipline provides the study of such courses, as “Planning of casting workshops”, “SAPR technological processes of casting”


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