Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

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Fulbright scholarship for young teachers and researchers FULBRIGHT FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM

Dear colleagues!

Continues accepting applications for the annual competition for Fulbright scholarship for young teachers and researchers FULBRIGHT FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

Field of specialization: humanities, social, exact, technical and natural sciences.

Fulbright Faculty Development Program : Research in the United States from six to nine months. The competition is open to persons under 40 years with two years of professional experience:

  • teachers;
  • graduate students and researchers who do not have a scientific degree;
  • PhD (within 5 years after the defense);
  • administrators universities;
  • staff of research institutions;
  • journalists;
  • experts from the library, museum and archives;
  • experts in the field of culture;
  • employees of public organizations (NGOs).

Deadline for applications - November 1, 2015


90 years to the department of casting production

Dear colleagues, welcome!
Oct. 22, 2015, on Thursday,
at 14:30 in the classroom 203 - 9
held an open meeting chair
foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals NTU "KPI" on the occasion of 90 anniversary.


  1. On the history of foundry NTU "KPI"
  2. Open microphone
  3. Presenting awards NTU "KPI" and FPE
  4. Introduction to laboratory base FPE
  5. Current affairs
Presentation of the program Dvoynykh diploma NTU KPI s Korean Institute of Science and Technology

Dear colleagues!

Giving a presentation program double degree from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea). The program has existed since 2008 and has 15 students benefited from this joint project with our university.

6 October 2015 (Tuesday) "KPI" delegation of the host university, and in the afternoon, is scheduled to meet with students and graduate students. ">With details of the program can be found on our website

The presentation will take place on October 6, 2015, at 14:15 in the Hall Governing Board (6 Building). ">Registration for the event

Please circulate this information among students and graduate students.

HAPPY metallurgists!

Metallurh - we in this word
Steel and fortress of spirit!
People know vseh soslovyy -
We have one without razruha.
NOW you want pozdravyt
With your Prazdnika guys,
To could melts metals
For dostoynuyu salary!

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