Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

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«... neither the art is single nor singly handicraft can not pass the simple use of metals»

- M.V. Lomonosov.

Seven most known masterpieces of ancient cultures are adopted by wonders of light. From them two are the artistic foundlings. This is the bronze statue of god of a sun Gelyosa (Apollo), in high 35 м, which is named the " Rhodes (built in 292-280 г.г. B.C.) Ear", was blasted during the earthquake in 224 to Р.Х. And statue of Zeus (Jupiter) Fydyya (430 to Р.Х.) in Olympia, Greece, from gold, marble and ivory, in high 12 м, which burned out during a fire. The world of the artistic casting counts many millenniums. Prominent events and personalities in history of any people are reflected in artistic olives

So, casting is one of the most ancient industries of artistic and technical creation of world culture, known from times of the most ancient civilizations, industry, in which, quoting Max Ryl'skogo, "roses and vine" united organically, and if "beauty and benefit is aesthetics and funktsyonalyzm is more precisely. Other, by more short and capacious formula it is possible to define, how organic synthesis of creation of artistic and creation technical.

The spectrum of the use of technologies of the artistic casting in modern terms is extraordinarily wide, beginning from casting for the needs of architecture (small architectural forms - mainly cast-iron), sculpture (monuments, monuments, memorial plaques, epytafyal'na the plastic arts, stankovaya sculpture, relief is a bronze), concluding by the art jeweller (table decorations, decorations clothes and worn next to the skin are alloys of noble metals), not speaking about spheres, it would seem remote enough from the elegant arts, in particular such industry in medicine, as stomatology and orthopaedic protezyrovanye.

kozlovskySuccess of eventual result in a great deal depends on the mutual understanding of creative "duet" artist (sculptor) is technologist-foundry hand. The actually indicated specialists are the competent coauthors of artistic work, regardless of that is monument this, or jeweller decoration, executed in the technique of the artistic casting.

On-line tutorials of higher educational to Ukraine, as well as other countries of CIS, the acquaintance of students was not foreseen with the artistic aspects of the artistic casting, consciously accenting preparation of students on aspects technical. It is known that a similar practice does not exist in institutes of higher of Europe North and Latin Ameryk. About it there are the grounds to assert on the basis of exchange by experience and intercourses with the doctor of engineering sciences by the professor А. Маgnizkiy (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Folk artist Ukraine А. Skoblikov, artist and candidate of the А. Sото (Mexico, Mexico) study of art, deserved artist of Ukraine of А. Bankovskiy (Lvov national academy of arts), and other specialists attended with industry of the artistic casting.

ShevchenkoThe economic changes, at the beginning of 1990th happening in Ukraine, were reflected on the system of higher education, which demanded bringing of the proper changes and korrektyv in curricula, and in particular and korrektyv in the programs of higher education taking into account the requirements of time. Coming these reasons from and foreseeing the future prospects of higher education, taking to account that Kiev next to the Saint Petersburg institute of civil engineers and Barselonskoy Academy had polytekhnyka European quota of deans, good memory dean of ynzhenerno-fyzycheskogo faculty doctor of engineering sciences, professor And. П. Семик went out with initiative to create NTUU «KPY» specialization "Artistic and jeweller casting" on the department of casting production of black and coloured metals, that it was realized in 1994. That is a not unimportant factor, that a department has the unique practical base of casting production, where the works poured off and the best modern sculptors of our state pour off in a bronze.

sova2An university is in a rare position to prepare technologists in area of casting art, that any educational establishment, taking into account an industrial factor, moulders, foundry hands, can envy to them, chasers passed long-term teaching in the system of the former Artistic fund of USSR, and it is serious enough and responsible school, unfortunately, lost in Europe, but stored in Ukraine.

Preparation of specialists on the specialization «Artistic and jeweller casting" foresees the study of bases of melting of alloys of noble metals, technology of formation of forms of the poured artistic and jeweller wares.

In a technical plan a task stands in preparation of highly skilled, scalene developed engineers-foundry hands, which would know about bases and prospects of development of technology of melting of alloys of precious metals (golds, silvers and other), on the basis of copper and which are able to decide new tasks which arise up in the process of development of this industry.

The study of disciplines of specialization is based on knowledges of got students on chemistry and physical chemistry, theoretical bases of casting production, theory of crystallization, constructing of foundings etc The special attention is spared to different facilities of formation of forms of the artistic and jeweller foundings, properties of alloys of gold, silver, metals of platinum group and their finish treatment.

_002Mastering of disciplines is based on teaching of theoretical information (lectures), independent work of students with informative sources, laboratory and practical employments and practical worker and excursions on operating productions.

Basic attention is spared to the study of theoretical bases of melting, co-operation of alloys with materials of form, formation of forms , technological features of making of the artistic and jeweller foundings. Students must know the basic processes of formation of forms, melting of metals and alloys, to be able to expect the charge of precious alloys.

The open market of employment foresees the spread of learnings, skills and abilities of specialists on technical professions.

sikorskyTraditional preparation of engineers-foundry hands broadened by new theoretical and practical courses:

– History of technologies of the artistic casting;

– Bases of fine art;

– Metallurgy of noble metals;

– Technology of formation of forms of the artistic foundingsк;

– Metals, alloys and technologies of the artistic and jeweller casting;

– Technology of causing of protective-decorative coverage’s.

Authority of speciality grew considerably. Many graduating students find application to the knowledges on a joint technologies and arts.

Yet in 1540 Vanochio Biringuchio in the labour of «Pyrotechnist» wrote that labour of foundry hand "... it is an advantageous and thin handicraft and in a great deal keenly "”.



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